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Environmental Testing Equipments

This section includes high/low temperature chamber, humidity chamber, ovens chamber, test chamber, high-speed changing temperature chamber, alternating high-low temperature & humidity chamber etc. We can also manufacture different products according to customer requirements.

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Ash Incinerator (UEC-1011)

This instrument is used for determining the ash content in paper, cardboard and other cellulosic material, by burning an exactly weighed quantity, and by obtaining the weight percentage of the remains. Digital Temperature Indicator.


Moisture Meter (UEC-1025 A)

The newly-designed P-2000 is an electrical resistance-type moisture meter, utilizing the relationship between moisture content and electrical resistance.  


Laboratory Oven (UEC-5001)

This instrument is used for moisture determination of Pulp, Paper & Paperboard etc. Temperature range from room temperature to 250 ºC Air circulation by fan with digital temperature indicator cum controller.


Muffle Furnace (UEC-5002)

This instrument is used for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials. An initial cut is made in a set of test piece, which are then torn through a given distance.


Environmental Chamber  (UEC-5003)

A sample of a paper or board is conditioned and said to be in equilibrium with the conditioning atmosphere when it has been exposed to the atmosphere long enough for the results of two weighing of a test piece, performed at an interval of at least 1 hour.


Bod Incubator (UEC-5004)

This instrument is used for incubating BOD samples of effluent and others. Double walled, heavily insulated. Temperature ranges 5ºC to 50ºC. Accuracy ± 0. 5ºC. With digital Temperature Indicator cum controller.


Ph Meter (UEC-5005)

The sample is mixed with a measured amount of distilled water for one hour and the specific electrical conductance of the extract is determined.This instrument is used for measuring pH value of the of pulp solution or other similar material.


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