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Package Testing Equipments

Packaging serves protection & safety to the products during transportation & storage. The material used in packaging is essential whether it is a printing paper that has to have run-ability through the printing press or a corrugated board box that has to carry loads. This section includes equipment that can be used for product control, troubleshooting and optimization of paper and paper products. These equipments measure the strength, grammage, and compression etc. of the product.

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Paper Bursting Strength Tester Touch Screen Controlled

UEC–1010 Ei


Digital Bursting Strength Tester (Microprocessor based) –
For determining the Bursting strength of paper and paperboard. Designed with pneumatic


Impact Tester  (UEC-3001)

This instrument is used for determining the impact strength of the boxes/containers made from cardboard, plastics or wooden materials. Different models are available in capacities ranging from 600-6000 pounds with necessary modifications in respect of track length, dolly size etc.    The quality of the equipment is very rigid to


Carton Drop Tester  (UEC-3002)

This instrument is used to determine the physical impact of a package being dropped from a height in any position. Control and hoisting features facilitates all respects of operation: drop height setting and test reset.

  • The equipment is electrically operated to lift the package and has pneumatically operated release

Package Shaker / Vibrating Table  (UEC-3003)

This instrument is used for laboratory investigation of the resistance of packages and products to vibrations. Simulates the effects, which occur during transports by rail, truck or other means. Executes a harmonic sinusoidal vertical or horizontal motion or a combination of both.    The servo controlled DC motor maintains the preset


Concora Medium Fluter

A laboratory corrugating machine for producing a sample to evaluate flat crush resistance of corrugating medium. For producing a sample to evaluate flat crush resistance of corrugating medium. 'A' fluting rolls are heated upto 176 oC and maintained a constant temperature by thermostatic temperature controller.  Standard model available with


Carton Board Creaser (UEC-3005)

This instrument is used for testing the crease ability of carton board. Ensures fault free folding the Carton Board Creaser (patra type) gives the board mill and the carton makes a ready and reliable method for checking the creasing qualities of carton boards. In addition it gives the carton maker a guide to the correct settings for cutting and


Box Compression Tester

It is designed to determine the compression resistance of corrugated & non-corrugated boxes. The instrument provides the Digital Display of the Compression Load and the Deformation of the Test sample. The Microprocessor Based Circuit enables the Memory for retaining Peak Value, Automatic or Normal Zero Setting, OverLoad and Over Travel


Puncture Resistance Tester (UEC-3007)

Puncture Resistance : The puncture resistance of paperboard is measured as the energy required to force a puncture head of specified design through a test piece of the board under specified testing condition.  A test piece is clamped between two horizontal plates in each of which is a triangular hole.    A


Core Compression Strength Tester (UEC-3008 B)

DIGITAL MODEL : This instrument is used for testing the core collapsing strength and has adjustable testing area to accommodate specimen sizes and shapes. Motorized operated piston to apply uniform pressure to crush the test sample. The maximum peak crush value recorded on digital load indicator.  


Abrasion Tester (UEC-3011)

Designed to determine the wear and durability of paper and board, ceramics, plastic, textile, rubber, flooring, and painted lacquered and electroplated surfaces. Electrically driven with predetermined digital cycle counter selections between 1 to 99,999 with vacuum dust extractors.

  • With single Abraser unit
  • With Double

Scuff Tester (UEC-3012)

To measure rub proofness of printed paper, carton package & board by applied contact pressure. Two contact disc rotate in contact at a same angular speed, giving constant relative velocity between all points of the disc. With interchangeable dead weight and Electrically driven system.


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