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Physical Property Testing Equipments

Paper is a complex product so the final goal is to achieve good quality finished products for printing, converting and other usage. The results depend on factors like physical thickness, surface, roughness and printability etc. that we supply for all your paper testing needs.

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UEC-1006 A II

The UEC Sample Paper Strip Cutter with Scaling arrangement & Base Plate is used for Accurate and Rapid preparation towards various Samples. The Cutting Blade is made from Special Knife Steel attached with an Automatic Clamping Device, which by means of clamping beam,


Sample Strip Cutter For Tensile Tester (UEC-1006A II)

Simple paper strip cutter with the Provision to cut the strip sample for tensile test cutting width 15 mm x 300 mm.


UEC-1007 B Folding Endurance Teste (schopper Type)

A test piece is fastened vertically between two clamps. The upper clamp folds, the test piece by means of the reciprocating circular motion while the lower clamp maintain it under a given load. For determining thefolding endurance of all kinds of paper, paperboard, foils and films with a standard folding speed per minute. Kohler Molin Type with


Folding Endurance Teste Schopper Type

Schopper Type instrument with Five Figure digital Counter Loading clamps of spring type giving standard load of 1000 gm during the test  with Five –Figure digital Counter having hold and zero setting.

Two horizontally opposed and moveable clamping jaws, which hold specimen 100 mm (4 in.) long under variable tension during


UEC-1007 A Folding Endurance Teste (Kohler Molin Type)

This instrument has a spring loaded clamping jaw constrained to move without rotation in a direction perpendicular to the axis of rotations of the specified folding head and having its clamping surface in the plane of this axis. The load is applied by a precision attached to the jaw assembly which is easily adjustable to provide any desired


Tearing Resistance Tester (UEC-1008 A)

This instrument is used for measuring the resistance against tearing of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials. An initial cut is made in a set of test piece, which are then torn through a given distance.  The work done in the test piece is measured as the loss in potential energy of a pendulum which is free to swing on it


Tearing Resistance Tester- Touch Screen Controlled Model  (UEC-1008 B)

Electronic Tearing Resistance Tester with standard medium 'B' pendulum with the facility of automatic clamping of the test specimen with a single touch, automatic calculations through Microprocessor based hardware which displays in values as well as in graph on touch screen cum graphical LCD control panel. These test results can be transferred


UEC-1009 D I Circular Sample Cutter Punch & Die Type (100 CM 2)

The Precision Test Strip Punch & Die Cutters are intended for accurate and rapid preparation of test pieces for use in tensile strength tests, ring crush tests, folding endurance test, water absorbency test and other similar tests without any deformation and damage. It is suitable for cutting a very wide range of sheet material such as


Circular Sample Cutter Punch & Die (UEC-1009DI)

Circular Punch & Die Cutter is an excellent and convenient precision cutter for speedy and accurate cutting of specimen 100 cm2 in area without any deformation and damage.

It is extremely useful for the determination of basis weight in paper machines profile when used in conjunction with GSM Scale. The Punch Cutter has a high


Automatic Circular Sample Die Cutter (UEC-1009DII)

Automatic sample punch die cutter with adjustable punching cycle. Circular Punch & Die Cutter is an excellent and convenient precision cutter for speedy and accurate cutting of specimen 100 cm2 in area without any deformation and damage of paper & tissue.

This automatic punch cutter can be easily set to cut multiple samples


Punch & Die Cutter Pneumatic Clamping (UEC-1009E)

The Paper Guillotine has a sheet metal base and incorporates a guide for the material to be cut. Both top and bottom cutting blades are made from special knife steel and can be re sharpened.

  • It eliminates testing errors due to sample preparation.
  • Sheet Punch The compact cutting machine is pneumatically

UEC-1010 Bii Bursting Strength Tester For Paper (Hand Wheel Type)

For determining the Bursting Strength of Paper. Pressure is produced by electric motor and gear. Specimen is clamped between two concentric annuli by lever arm. Uniform pressure is produced and the plunger reverses automatically after rupture and saves testing time and increases diaphragm life.

The bursting pressure, at the time of


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