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Physical Property Testing Equipments

Paper is a complex product so the final goal is to achieve good quality finished products for printing, converting and other usage. The results depend on factors like physical thickness, surface, roughness and printability etc. that we supply for all your paper testing needs.

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Bursting Strength Tester For Paper & Paper Board (UEC-1010 BII)

The optimum instrument for determining the Bursting Strength of Paper, Paperboard liner raw paper, and corrugated board or solid fiberboard material Specimen is tightened by screw clamping through rotation of wheel handle. The bursting pressure, at the time of rupture is recorded on a sensitive pressure gauge. Double Pressure gauge assembly for


UEC-1010 Bii Bursting Strength Tester for Paper & Paper Board (Hand Wheel Type)

For determining the Bursting Strength of Paper. Pressure is produced by electric motor and gear. Specimen is clamped between two concentric annuli by lever arm. Uniform pressure is produced and the plunger reverses automatically after rupture and saves testing time and increases diaphragm life.

The bursting pressure, at the time of


Bursting Strength Tester For paper & Paper Board (UEC-1010 D)

For determining the bursting strength of paper and paperboard. Designed with pneumatic clamping of samples to avoid samples slippage under adjustable clamping force.  A test piece is clamped between two concentric plates, each having circular e by a rubber diaphragm, which is expanded by hydraulic pressure.

The Burst-O-Matic


Digital Bursting Strength Tester (UEC-1010 EII)

For Paper, Paper Board & Corrugated Board  (Pneumatic Type). With Double Clamping System (Microprocessor based) Double clamping systems and dual range for paper, paperboard and corrugated board with a single equipment. Fully automatic control for pneumatic clamping of specimen and testing cycle.

Complete with memory for


UEC-1012 A Densometer - Air Permeability Tester (Gurley Type)

This instrument is used for measuring porosity, air permeability or air resistance of paper and paper products by determining the time necessary for a certain volume of air to flow through the inserted sample, under a uniform pressure.

Extra Option: Electronic self starting timer as an optional accessory, for automatic measuring of


UEC-1012 B Smoothness, Porosity & Softness Tester (Gurley Type)

This instrument is used for testing the average Smoothness, Porosity and Softness of paper and films by determining the time necessary for a certain volume of air to flow through the inserted sample, under a uniform pressure.

Electronic self starting timer for automatic measuring of air to pass through the test specimen. The timer


UEC-1013 Smoothness & Porosity Tester (Bendtsen Type)

The Roughness of paper or similar material is defined as the volume of air that is forced by a specified pressure difference escapes in unit time by passing between the surface of the specimen and flat metal ring resting on a specimen. The values indicates the surface smoothness of graded paper suitable for good print quality.

UEC-1016 A Stiffness Tester (Taber Type)

The instruments is designed for evaluating stiffness and resilient qualities of paper, plastics, cardboard, light metallic sheets, foil and other flexible material having comparatively strong bending resistance.

The 38 mm wide specimen clamped between a vice on a balanced pendulum supported by antifriction bearing and lower end clamp


UEC-1016 B Stiffness Tester (Touch Screen Controlled)

He device is easy to handle due to a  user-friendly touch screen operation system. Display of individual values, graphs, statistic function and ratio. One end of the test piece is easily fastened into the clamp. The maximum force required to bend the test piece to a specified angle is presented directly on the digital panel


Brightness, Opacity & Gloss Tester  (UEC-1017)

For electronically measuring and digitally presenting the Brightness, Opacity and Gloss of the paper and other similar material by angular reflectance (Photovolt Type)  Made with imported optical.    Accessories : 

  • White Enamel Standard.
  • High Reflectance White Enamel

UEC-1018 Brightness and Color Tester

Brightness, Opacity & Color Tester - ISO type The Brightness & Color Meter makes measurement of brightness, color and opacity affordable in Production and QC applications. The Brightness & Color Meter measures color, color purity, degree of  yellowness, degree of whiteness, color matching and color fastness. Fluorescence


UEC-1020 A Cobb Sizing Tester (Automatic Type)

This instrument is used for determining the water absorbency of paper, paperboard and similar material. The water absorbency of paper (the cobb value) is defined as the quantity of water absorbed in a given time by one side of a unit area of paper or board placed horizontally under a head of one centimeter of water. Automatic Spring loaded


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