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Pulp Testing Equipments

One of the most critical aspects of papermaking is pulp quality. The instruments that comprise this section of the catalogue are designed specifically for the analysis of different raw materials. The selection and specimen preparation to further study of cooking pattern and good quality pulp are produced in laboratory scale. These instruments are used in research, development, alteration of pulp characteristics of optimizing paper and studying of board product properties before going into commercial production.

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Pulp Disintegrator (UEC-2008)

This instrument is used for standardized disintegration of pulp to a homogeneous suspension required for preparation of laboratory hand sheet and other purpose. Pivoted drive unit with stainless steel propeller and shaft. The propeller is driven by electric motor via stepped timing belt, which ensures a direct drive without


Rapid Sheet Dryer (UEC-2009)

This instrument is used for shortening the drying time of wet pulp or paper samples before determining the dry weight or moisture content. It is provided with flat heating elements.Stainless steel sheet fabrications with insulating material ensure long service life. 

  • Suitable for Sheet Size : Max. width 250

Sheet Drying Cylinder (UEC-2010)

This instrument is used for drying the lab pulp hand sheets or paper samples as per commercial production in laboratory. The process helps to prevent wrinkling and shrinkage in the dried samples. It also permits convenient and rapid insertion of the sheets Since the cloth is mounted in a practical reeling device.  

  • Motorized

Sheet Drying Cabinet (UEC-2011)

The Drying Cabinet is used for faster drying and conditioning the hand sheets after pressing. The hot air passes through the holes in the drying ring to dry without effecting the surface or Brightness of the hand sheets.    


The Design is in accordance with the Technical Section of British Paper & Board


Laboratory Wood Chipper  (UEC-2012)

For preparation of chips from wood, bamboo and other similar material for laboratory cooking trial and educational purposes. Input tube diameter 80 mm set at and angle of about 500. 

  • Chipping disc : 350 mm diameter
  • Speed :  700 rpm.
  • Option : Extra

Wood Chip Classifier  (UEC-2013)

Chip Classifier used for rapid, reproducible and accurate classification of wood chips in respect to size and thickness by using standard sized screening trays mounted on a shaking mechanism with specified frequency.   


A weighted quantity of the sample is placed in the upper screening tray with chips and


Lab Mechanical Crusher (UEC-2014)

Lab Crusher is used for preparation of wood meal from the samples of different woods used for chemical analysis and grinding virtually to produce a finely meshed sample. 

  • Four blades rotor dia 200 mm operating at 400 to 800 rpm.
  • Interchangeable screen mesh available as per requirement.

Llaboratory Rotary Digester (UEC-2015)

This instrument is used for producing pulp from various fibrous material under specified and controlled condition under pressure, temperature and time. Maximum pressure 15 kg/cm2. Electrically heating system provided with Microprocessor based temperature indicator cum controller with facility of more detailed pre-programming to control the


Laboratory Research Digester (UEC-2016)

The Digester is a complete pulping unit for producing pulps by cooking the wood chips in a manner similar to a commercial digester. The unit is easy to operate and features precise Temperature control of pulping variables to ensure good repeatability of the results. Microprocessor based temperature indicator cum controller with facility of more


Lab Disc Refiner (UEC-2019)

This instrument is used for wet grinding and de-fibrating chips or experimental pulp making. Utilized for developing pulping processes and strength development studies on raw, steamed or chemically cooked chips, fully cooked pulp, cooked straw, waste paper and many other materials.

  • Disc dia 304 mm, speed 1500-3000 rpm with

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